Bill Maher takes on Donald Trump’s military parade in Real Time monologue

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Last night on Real Time, host Bill Maher broke down the biggest news headlines of the week, including President Donald Trump ordering a military parade.

If you ask Bill Maher, Donald Trump is another step closer to becoming a dictator.

Last night, Maher took to Real Time to speak about what’s been going on in the news. In his new monologue, Maher speaks on some of the various issues plaguing the White House recently. This includes the reports about White House staff secretary Rob Porter having allegations of domestic abuse coming to light recently. Despite Trump and company insisting none of them knew about the abuse, Maher says that they’ve known for a year, and jokes that Porter’s codename was Floyd Mayweather.

Maher then gets into the military parade Trump ordered the Pentagon to hold. “Oh, it’s gonna be wonderful! Tanks, and missiles, and fighter jets, all presided over by a loose cannon!” Maher sarcastically quips. The Real Time host then brings up how decades ago, people wanted then-president Dwight Eisenhower to do the same thing. However, Eisenhower refused, saying such a spectacle would actually make us look weaker. Maher jokes how the differences between the two men don’t end there, as Eisenhower went bald naturally — leading to Maher showing the clip of Trump having his bald spot exposed by a gust of wind.

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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