Jimmy Fallon uses ‘Lady Doritos’ to slam Donald Trump

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As it turns out, the rumored ‘Lady Doritos’ product is not actually a thing, but Jimmy Fallon still found a way to use it to take down Donald Trump.

Lady Doritos might be fake, but Jimmy Fallon is getting a big kick out of it!

If you haven’t heard about these “Lady Doritos” just yet, let me fill you in. Recently, a rumor went viral which suggested that a new type of Doritos was going to soon hit store shelves. They would be referred to as “Lady Doritos” and would somehow be less crunchy while also having less orange chip dust left on one’s fingers. Presumably, it’s quiet and cleaner to make it more ladylike.

Of course, the product is nothing more than a rumor, and it does not exist. Straight from the official Twitter account for Doritos, the product was denied to have ever been a serious pitch from the company. According to Doritos, they already have Lady Doritos, and it’s simply called Doritos. But that doesn’t mean Fallon couldn’t use the idea for joke fodder last night!

“There were reports that Doritos was launching a lady-friendly chip that is quieter and not quite as orange,” Fallon responds, after telling viewers about the story. He adds “If that goes well, they’re gonna try to do the same thing with the president!”

You can watch this and the rest of Fallon’s monologue in the YouTube video below.

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