Jimmy Fallon and Sarah Jessica Parker get romantic with Mad Libs

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Sarah Jessica Parker stopped by The Tonight Show last night and acted out a bizarre love scene with Jimmy Fallon for the show’s Mad Lib Theater sketch.

Now this definitely has to be the strangest romance scene of Sarah Jessica Parker’s acting career!

Last night, Parker paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Known for always having interesting activities and games planned for his guests, Fallon didn’t disappoint with Parker’s appearance. Using those Mad Libs books for kids, the two write a romance scene together using random verbs and nouns to create the strangest love story ever.

After getting all of their answers written down, the two begin their sketch. It’s clear right away from their names — Popeye and Pinto — that we’re in for a treat. Before you know it, the two are discussing how Pinto’s Grandma Auntie Pete Seeger lives with her at Bob’s Big Boy. It gets so ridiculous that Parker can’t help but break character in the sketch, having a seriously hard time controlling her laughter.

But, for what it’s worth, the audience is right there with her. It goes on for a while longer, culminating in a sweet poem Pinto has for Popeye. “Roses are flashy, violets are spies. Deodorant is sweet, and so have eyes,” she relays. In turn, she gets a rose from her new love, Popeye.

You can watch the whole bit in the YouTube video below.

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