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After last weekend’s government shutdown, Saturday Night Love dove into the fallout from it by Colin Jost and Michael Che on the episode’s Weekend Update.

Saturday Night Live was waiting all week to joke about the government shutdown, and they certainly delivered!

Last weekend, Democrats and Republicans were able to reach a temporary deal to keep the government open (for now). On Monday, it was business as usual, but we’re not out of the woods just yet. The deal only lasts for a few weeks and then we’re going to be right back to where we started, potentially seeing another shutdown once that day comes.

Enter Colin Jost and Michael Che of Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update. Kicking off the segment, Jost jokes that Chuck Schumer saw his shadow, which means we will have “three more weeks of government.” Jost explains how there’s now less than two weeks for these adversaries to solve every problem with immigration, but he’s not feeling confident. It worries Jost that Mitch McConnell bartered the deal by promising he’d be tackling D.A.C.A., but as Jost explains, “Trusting Mitch McConnell to keep a promise is like trusting Stevie Wonder to perform a bris.”

Che jumps in to talk about how Schumer insisted Donald Trump’s adviser Stephen Miller not be allowed in the meeting. Che pokes some fun at Miller’s appearance, saying he looks like a roach and has a sex doll named “Mother”). He adds that he looks just like the guy in Ghost who screams at Patrick Swayze to get off his train. And the two are just getting started…

You can watch Jost and Che say it best in the video below.

Jost and Che move on in the Weekend Update to tackle many other issues from recent headlines as well. You can watch more in the following clip.

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