Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, January 28th?

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Will Last Week Tonight with John Oliver be returning to HBO tonight finally with all new episodes? We have all of the info about the show right here.

We are all dying for John Oliver to come back to our television sets. The Emmy winning funnyman has been noticeably absent since the conclusion of Season 4 of Last Week Tonight. Now that Bill Maher is killing it again on Friday nights on the network, might we see Oliver coming back tonight with new episodes of his show as well?

Sorry, but I have bad news in response to that. No, there won’t be a new episode of the show coming on tonight. Season 5 is pretty much around the corner, but it’s not going to be here for a few more weeks yet. HBO has listed Feb. 18, 2018, as the official premiere date for Season 5. We are just going to have to hold on for just a little bit longer!

We always like to point out that the good news here is that Oliver isn’t going anywhere. Last year, HBO gave the series a renewal through 2020, guaranteeing several more years of the show. The wait between seasons will be the worst we have to endure, as we will definitely have Oliver on HBO each year until at least the first term of Donald Trump’s presidency is over. So, there’s that!

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will officially return to HBO on Feb. 18, 2018, at 11 pm ET.