Stephen Colbert responds to Trump obstructing even more justice

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Stephen Colbert recorded a response for Donald Trump after his Late Show tapings were done for the day when learning about Trump trying to fire Bob Mueller.

It’s starting to seem like “Obstruction of Justice” is Donald Trump’s middle name!

Yesterday, news became public about Trump attempting to fire Robert Mueller after Mueller began investigating him for obstruction of justice. You could say that this in itself was an obstruction of justice. The news is huge, so even thought Stephen Colbert had wrapped up his entire Late Show taping for the day already, he stayed behind in the office to film an official response.

In a video recorded just for Trump, Colbert speaks directly into the camera while driving a hoverboard. He explains the situation with Trump attempting to fire Mueller, and how it’s certainly not good news for the president. And, as Colbert explains, it doesn’t make matters any better when Trump’s lawyer, Ty Cobb, refuses to so much as comment on the reports.

However, Trump himself was asked about it, and Colbert has the clip of the president’s response. “Fake news, folks, fake news,” is all Trump has to say about it. Colbert laments how that seems to be the president’s response for everything. So he has a little fun with it, asking Trump some other questions, such as if he’s mentally competent. Of course, “Trump” responds that that’s just fake news, too.

You can watch Colbert’s response in the video below.

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