Stephen Colbert explains the ins and outs of government shutdown

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The government recently reopened after a several day government shutdown, and Stephen Colbert is looking at what exactly happened during those few days.

As of yesterday, the United States of America has a government again! But as Stephen Colbert suggests, the party may be a bit short-lived.

On last night’s Late Show, Colbert celebrated the announcement of the government opening back up. It seems the Democrats and Republicans have reached some kind of a deal, but as Colbert reveals, it will only be effective until Feb. 8. The Late Show host imagines a doctor telling a patient the great news that they’ll live… until Feb. 8, that is.

Colbert then exposes how the shutdown nearly didn’t happen at all, as Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer nearly reached a deal “over cheeseburgers.” Stephen can only assume this means they were negotiating while eating in Trump’s presidential bed. But burgering up the Trump didn’t work, apparently, resulting in the weekend shutdown.

Schumer is now claiming that he expects Mitch McConnell to fully cooperate with his side of their bargain with this new deal by Feb. 8. Colbert is shocked Schumer seriously expects such a thing, noting how even many of McConnell’s fellow Republicans have suffered through his lies. The truth is, as Colbert explains, is that you’re an idiot to accept anything Mitch McConnell says as being real.

You can watch this monologue in the YouTube video below.

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