Seth Meyers talks Women’s March and government shutdown

Late Night with Seth Meyers via NBC
Late Night with Seth Meyers via NBC /

Last night, Seth Meyers spoke at length about how Donald Trump is ‘celebrating’ a year in office with a government shutdown and the Women’s March protests.

This can’t be the best of anniversaries for Donald J. Trump!

Last night, late night funnyman Seth Meyers took to Late Night to speak about how Trump is concluding his first year in office. It’s not a pleasant time, considering the government shutting down for a weekend under Trump’s watch. And that’s not even mentioning the nationwide protests going on as well as part of the Women’s March.

For his “Closer Look” segment, Meyers first brings up the Women’s March, showing clips and revealing details on just how monumental these protests are. Of course, as Meyers shows in a tweet from Trump, the president seems lost on the actual reason for the protests, bragging about how the rate of unemployed women has dropped. “Dude, you know that’s not why they were marching,” Meyers says.

From there, Meyers moves onto the weekend government shutdown which occurred after Democrats and Republicans couldn’t agree upon a deal to keep it open. This officially marks the first time in modern history that the party that has controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House has had a shutdown on their watch. “You gotta hand it to Trump, he finally did something no other president has ever done,” Meyers sarcastically says.

You can watch the rest of the take down in the YouTube video below.

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