Jimmy Kimmel blasts Donald Trump over government shutdown

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Jimmy Kimmel returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night to talk about the government shutdown and how it’s hilariously hypocritical for Donald Trump.

Nobody should be more upset about Donald Trump letting the government shut down for the whole weekend than Mr. Trump himself.

As explained by Jimmy Kimmel on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Trumpster seemed to let the recent government shutdown occur all too easily. It’s compounded by the fact that his fellow Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House. That’s the first time in modern history that either party has had a shut down while in this kind of complete control. So who’s to blame?

According to the president himself, Trump should be the one we point fingers at. Kimmel reveals that Trump spent some time during the shutdown watching clips of himself berating Barack Obama during the shutdown that occurred on his watch. Kimmel can’t help but wonder if Trump caught one particular clip, in which he had this to say about Obama during the latter’s government shutdown:

"“Well if you say who gets fired, it always has to be the top. Problems start from the top and have to get solved from the top. And the president’s the leader.”"

Kimmel laughs at the hypocrisy and laments how Trump has utterly failed here. He promised himself as a master negotiator, but couldn’t come up with a deal to keep the government open. Apparently Trump is not the dealmaker he says he was, as Kimmel says he couldn’t even negotiate 20% off at Bed, Bath and Beyond with a coupon.

You can watch Kimmel tell it best in the YouTube video below.

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