Family Guy predicted Dr. Larry Nassar’s sex scandal in 2011

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A scene from an old Family Guy episode from 2011 has been popping up online as it seems to predict the sex scandal from Team USA physician Dr. Larry Nassar.

Does Family Guy have a knack for predicting the future?

Last year, the rash of sexual misconduct scandals hitting the headlines saw the demise of many celebrity careers. This includes House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, whose allegations against him cost him the lucrative gig starring on the Netflix show. At the time, fans had discovered an old joke from Family Guy which featured the baby Stewie running scared and naked, shouting that he had just escaped from Spacey’s basement. Twelve years later, the “joke” would become extra eerie given what’s come to light about the actor.

Now, with a new sex scandal involving Team USA physician Dr. Larry Nassar, Family Guy seems to have done it again. Though it doesn’t directly reference Nassar, there’s a clear joke about the sleaziness of gymnastics coaches. In the Season 9 episode “Foreign Affairs,” Peter’s gym coach gets a bit sleazy with him, telling him, “Let me give you inappropriate personal shower while I smoke and forbid you to see parents.”

To make it even more eerie, Peter quips, “Somebody should look into this sport.” As it would turn out, Peter had hit the nail on the head as to what we’d eventually find out about Dr. Nassar. Of course, the Family Guy writers likely had no idea just how disturbing the problem really is — Nassar has reportedly sexually assaulted over 140 women.

You can watch the clip in question below.

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