Colbert laughs at Donald Trump skipping his own anniversary party

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Donald Trump was not able to attend his own anniversary party in the wake of the government shutdown, and Stephen Colbert had a laugh over it last night.

It looks like Donald Trump spent his anniversary with… Brad Blakeman from Fox News?!

Last night, Stephen Colbert brought up an amusing story that came out of the government shutdown. This forced the president to stay home rather than attend his own anniversary party. Trump would send his son Eric and wife Lara in his place, leaving some to wonder how Donald was celebrating the occasion instead.

“Watching Fox News,” seems to be the answer to that question. As Colbert points out, Trump tweeted his thanks over the weekend to Blakeman, who’d graded trump an “A” for his year year in office. This baffles Colbert, who questions why, as the most powerful person in the world, is Donald Trump trying to hard to impress this “weekend replacement” journalist?

Colbert then points out how Trump ended the tweet by claiming that he’s working hard. Yes, in the same tweet that he begins by mentioning how he’s watching Fox News. “You’re watching TV, you just said so!” Colbert laments, informing the president how foolish it is to end the tweet that way.

As for the anniversary party for Trump’s first year in office, Colbert mentions how Trump had to miss it because of Mitch McConnell dragging his feet. But, according to the Late Show host, that’s fair. “Republicans ruined Trump’s party, and Trump is ruining the Republican Party,” Colbert quips.

You can watch this bit in the YouTube video below, courtesy of CBS on YouTube.

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