Stephen Colbert reviews Donald Trump’s first year as president

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Exactly a year into the presidency of Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert recaps all of the work (or lack thereof) the president managed to accomplish.

Well, we’ve all officially survived the first year of the Trump presidency!

Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert checked his watch and announced we are now one full year in since Trump took over for Barack Obama. Recently, Trump had a sit down interview to speak about the occasion, with a fresh Diet Coke next to him on his desk. “Yes, Trump’s never far from his Diet Coke. It’s his only brown friend,” Colbert jokes.

In the interview, Trump says that Washington is a “mean” place to be. To that, Colbert responds that it is mean, because he knows one guy there who “called all of Africa a sh-thole.” Another more humorous quote from Trump concerns his exercise routine, wherein he vaguely says, “I walk, I this, I that.” If nothing else, Colbert says, at least many Americans can relate, since they don’t actually exercise.

Colbert gets another good laugh about Trump saying that diet is more important to him than exercise. The president swears that he can supposedly hit the ball far because he’s so physically strong. Colbert questions if Trump is really as strong as he says he is, considering he needs two hands to lift a glass of drinking water. To prove that, Colbert shows a clip, and then mocks Trump by doing the same motion.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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