Donald Trump book Fire and Fury to become TV series

via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff’s tell-all book about Donald Trump and his presidency, is going to become a television series.

If you think the president was upset about this book, just wait until the TV show hits the air…

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, it’s being confirmed that Endeavor Content has purchased the film and TV rights to Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury book. Their plan is to adapt it into a TV series. Currently, no networks have been attached to the project, but Endeavor is now preparing to shop it around, so we’ll see where it ultimately winds up.

You’ve no doubt heard about the controversy the book created upon release. Exposing the disastrous first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, the president had attempted to block the book’s publishing. Wolff, who will also be executive producing the TV series, stands by all of the content in the book, despite Trump’s claims that it’s all made up.

Details are still pretty vague when it comes to how exactly this show will play out. Will it bet set up documentary style, with a narrator relaying some of the stories from the book’s pages? Or will this feature actual re-enactments of the events inside, with actors playing Trump and his associates? Either way, it definitely sounds interesting, and there’s no doubt people are going to be tuning in.

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We will be monitoring this project’s progress as production moves along, so check back in the future for updates.