Bill Murray as Steve Bannon steals the show in SNL cold open

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In last night’s cold open segment for Saturday Night Live, the legendary Bill Murray showed up to play Steve Bannon appearing in a Morning Joe interview.

Please tell me this is going to be a regular thing!

Last night, Saturday Night Live kicked off its new episode with a parody of the Morning Joe talk show. Joe, Mika, and their colleague Willie Geist are all present, and they’ve brought along three very special guests for an interview. You know where this is going.

First, the two bring out Michael Wolff, the author of the new Fire and Fury book. Wolff is portrayed by SNL alum Fred Armissen, and he hasn’t missed a beat since departing the show. As Wolff, Armissen says that it doesn’t matter how much of the book is actually factual. “You know, even the stuff that’s not true, it’s true,” he quips.

This opens the door for Steve Bannon to come out next, as he’s featured prominently in the book. “Bannon” is introduced wearing a black robe, with a hood covering his head. Once he removes it, revealing himself to be Bill Murray in Steve Bannon make-up, the crowd obviously goes nuts. Needless to say, the whole thing was a very pleasant surprise.

Despite his firing from the White House, Murray’s Bannon says that he’s still here. “The Bannon dynasty is dawning,” he says, suggesting he’s got big plans on the horizon. This includes launching his own line of wrinkled barn jackets called “Fruppers for Guys” and a skincare product called “Blotch.” Needless to say, Murray knocked it out of the park with this appearance, and we’re all hoping to see him back soon.

You can watch the full bit below.

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