Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump for Russia investigation

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Stephen Colbert is responding to the recent temper tantrums being thrown by Donald Trump, linking them to problems with the investigation into his campaign.

It’s a new year… but the investigation into Donald J. Trump is still not over!

Last night, Stephen Colbert kicked off his Late Show monologue talking about “Grandpa Cranky Pants,” otherwise known as Donald Trump. Lately, the president has been so angry on social media, sending vicious tweets in every direction. What’s got him so riled up?

Colbert is theorizing that Trump is upset about the stalling in the FBI investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia. Apparently, Trump’s legal team had informed him the investigation would be over by the end of 2017. Now that we are into the new year and it’s still ongoing, Trump is not very happy.

Of course, Colbert isn’t happy about this very much either. “Sir, I’m just as disappointed as you are,” Colbert explains. “But for a slightly different reason.” To poke some additional fun at the president, Colbert even mimes being perp-walked out of the room upon the conclusion of this investigation.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

In the same monologue, Colbert also talks about the sad attempt from Anthony Scaramucci to return into Trump’s good graces. Check that out in the video posted below.

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