When does Real Time with Bill Maher come back on?

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Real Time with Bill Maher is currently between seasons, so when should we expect the series to resume with all new episodes on HBO?

It’s a new year, when many of the late night comics are returning to television. So when should we expect the return of Bill Maher with new episodes of Real Time on HBO?

While it isn’t today (unfortunately), I do have some good news. The premiere of Season 16 of Real Time with Bill Maher is set to debut on HBO on January 19, 2018. In a couple weeks, Maher will be back to doing whta he does best every Friday night.

To add to that good news, I’ll remind you that HBO has has also renewed the series into 2020. That means that Maher will be a mainstay on the network for years to come. At least until Trump is up for reelection (unless he is impeached before then), Maher will be grilling the president every step of the way.

As of right now, Maher’s guests aren’t listed for the premiere episode. He will be expected to have a few names joining him for a roundtable discussion and we expect to find out who these guests will be as we get closer to the Season 16 premiere date.

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Of course, you can be sure to check back here at Last Night On for future updates on the show. Will you be watching when Real Time returns this year? Tell us about it in the comments below.