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Donald Trump brought in the new year by bragging about his “Nuclear Button” on Twitter, and Stephen Colbert had something to say about it on The Late Show.

This really seems to be a hot “Button” issue…

If you missed it, Donald Trump created some controversy recently as he is wont to do with an unsettling tweet. In it, he takes shots at Kim Jong Un, responding to a comment the Korean leader made about having a “Nuclear Button” on his desk. Trump brags about having a bigger and strong “Button” in his tweeted response. In short, the president seems to be threatening nuclear war on Twitter, which is something that I seriously can’t believe I just wrote.

The tweet is so insane, and many people were questioning if it was legitimate when it first started to spread. Here it is though, straight from the president’s official account.

Obviously, Stephen Colbert was going to have something to say about this on The Late Show, and last night, he delivered! Kicking off his monologue with the story, Colbert is quick to respond. To start, he points out that Trump should be bragging about his missile, and not his buttons. “Buttons are kind of a lady part,” Colbert goes on. “As in, the president doesn’t know where to find the button.”

Colbert then points out the reality that there is no actual “Button” on the president’s desk. It’s just a metaphor, and there’s not actually a big button on Trump’s desk that will start a thermonuclear war. “Unless they put a phony button on Trump’s desk,” Colbert jokes, “right between the one that orders him a Diet Coke and the one he presses to hear what the cow says.”

You can watch the entire bit in the YouTube video below.

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