Stephen Colbert destroys Donald Trump over global warming

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Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be listening to anyone else when it comes to global warming, so Stephen Colbert is using the president’s own logic against him.

Donald Trump is never going to listen to science… but will he listen to himself?

Last night, Stephen Colbert made his triumphant return to The Late Show after taking some time off for the holidays. Picking up where he left off, he’s taking it to the president in his opening monologue, showing Trump isn’t going to be safe from late night TV in 2018 either!

During his new monologue, Colbert brought up the issue of global warming. He highlights a tweet from the president complaining about how cold it is, joking that we could “use some of that global warming.” The logic being, as Colbert explains, that global warming doesn’t really exist, because Trump is cold.

“Because Donald Trump is cold right now, that’s evidence that the earth is not getting warmer,” Colbert laments. It leads into the Late Night host to respond, “Just like because Donald Trump is president right now, that’s evidence we’ve never had a competent president. It’s only what’s happening now!”

Colbert spends the rest of the monologue destroying the president in the way that only he can. You can watch the clip in the YouTube video below, courtesy of CBS.

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