How to Get Away with Murder is Melania Trump’s favorite TV show

via ABC
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The first lady of the United States has named the hit drama series How to Get Away With Murder as her favorite television series.

Are you a fan of How to Get Away With Murder? If so, you’ve got something in common with Melania Trump!

According to The New York Times, Melania recently disclosed to one of their reporters, Katie Rogers, what her favorite television show was. Of course, that would be ABC’s drama series How to Get Away With Murder. Rogers herself notes that she loves that Mrs. Trump is a “Shondaland fan.”

Empire is another series Melania enjoys watching, according to  Rogers. But perhaps what’s more interesting than that is how the topic of reality television never came up during their talks. Obviously, her husband has a prevalent past in reality TV, but maybe that’s just not Melania’s not so much into it.

How to Get Away With Murder is currently in its fourth season, still going strong since its premiere in 2014. It doesn’t mean anything really that Melania is a fan. Tons of Americans clearly are. Still, for those of us interested in random trivia about the people we regularly see in our headlines, well, there you go!

The next new episode of How to Get Away With Murder is set to air sometime on 2018 on ABC. Stay tuned for additional updates on the series and when the show will be coming back. As for Melania Trump, just watch the news. You’re bound to see her again soon enough.