Jimmy Kimmel vows revenge for ‘terrible’ gift from Carson Daly

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Carson Daly apparently sent a playhouse to Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter ahead of the holidays, and Jimmy is swearing to get him back for the hassling present.

If you’re doing your Christmas shopping, and the product you’re looking at says that assembly is required, don’t send it to Jimmy Kimmel!

Ahead of the Christmas holiday, Kimmel’s pal Carson Daly and family sent along a hot dog truck playhouse for Kimmel’s daughter, Jane. It seems that Jane herself really liked the gift, but as for her father? After many hours of assembly, Jimmy is swearing that he’ll get Carson back for this!

The humorous message comes in the form of a shared image on Kimmel’s Instagram account. Kimmel posted an image of himself putting together the playhouse (which admittedly looks pretty awesome for a child). But the caption reveals the Jimmy Kimmel Live host was none too thrilled with the amount of work he had to put into it. “I will get you for this,” he swears in the caption, noting that the playhouse took him four hours to build.

You can take a peek at the Instagram post below.

How exactly will Kimmel get his “revenge” on Carson? Will he be sending along something even more complicated to the Daly family to have to put together? I guess these playful feuds are just a part of being friends with Kimmel, as people like Matt Damon could attest.

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New episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live will resume in 2018.