Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, December 17th?

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Will John Oliver be returning tonight with an all new episode of his Emmy winning series Last Week Tonight? We have all of the info about the show here.

It’s a Sunday night, and maybe, just maybe, John Oliver will be coming back with an all new episode of Last Week Tonight on HBO. If you’re here now reading this, chances are that’s what you’re hoping for. So let’s get right to it and clear things up, but, unfortunately, it’s not great news!

No, there will not be an all new episode of Last Week Tonight on tonight. Oliver has already had the Season 4 finale of the show, meaning it won’t be playing again until Season 5 premieres. Obviously that won’t be before the end of the year, but sometime in 2018, meaning we have a little bit of time.

Of course, Oliver has already been renewed by HBO through 2020. So we are definitely getting many new seasons of the show, spanning for at least three more years. HBO is no doubt very proud of the Emmy winning series and they’re making sure to keep Oliver put. In similar news, they gave their other network mainstay, Bill Maher, his own renewal into 2020, meaning both will be continuing to hammer it to the president until at least the next presidential election.

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So there won’t be any new episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver premiering until 2018. Be sure to come and check back then for new updates on when the series will return.