Stephen Colbert puts Roy Moore on blast for defending Vladimir Putin

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As if being an accused sexual molester isn’t bad enough for Roy Moore, he’s been caught defending Vladimir Putin, prompting Stephen Colbert to respond.

If the growing number of troubling accusations against Roy Moore aren’t enough to turn off some of his voters, then how about his praise for Vladimir Putin?

Last night, Stephen Colbert spent some time speaking on Moore and his campaign during his opening monologue for The Late Show. First, he jokes how Moore’s supporters had to spend the weekend lobbying by going door to door, which is, ironically, “just like Roy Moore has to do when he moves into a new neighborhood.”

Colbert brings up how many of Moore’s Republican colleagues are condemning him, even if Donald Trump won’t. That still didn’t stop a pro-Trump group from sending a 12 year old girl to interview Moore. Colbert compared that to sending a turkey to interview Chris Christie, amused by the irony.

The Late Show host then gets to Moore being asked about the claim that Russia is the focus of evil in our modern world. How did Moore respond? By saying we could say the same about America as we support some very bad things, such as “same sex marriage”. When it was pointed out to Moore that Putin says these same things, Moore says that perhaps they’re closer than they thought… and then Moore says something completely in Russian, prompting Colbert to joke that he must have been hacked.

You can watch this bit in the YouTube video below.

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