Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump over lame turkey jokes

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President Donald Trump pardoned two turkeys yesterday to spare them on Thanksgiving, and Stephen Colbert didn’t care for the lame jokes he made about it.

It seems that the president just can never pass up an opportunity to take a shot at former president Barack Obama!

Recently, Donald Trump held the presidential tradition of pardoning two turkeys prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Trump spared two turkeys from being butchered for the festivities, which were named Drumstick and Wishbone. The president, after pardoning these turkeys, took to a podium to talk about how these turkeys will live out the rest of their days with Tater and Tot — the two turkeys President Obama pardoned last year.

Of course, Trump used the opportunity to take a jab at Obama, never passing one up. He brags about the number of executive actions from Obama he has reversed. Trump then sarcastically jokes that he has been informed by the White House that he won’t be able to revoke the pardons for Tater and Tot… the “joke” being that he would kill those turkeys if he could, just because they were the ones Obama pardoned.

Stephen Colbert showed the clip of this on The Late Show, and imitating Trump, had this response:

"“Because if they could, I would eat Tater, and make Tot watch! You’re next, Tot. I’m eating Tater ’cause he talked to [Robert] Mueller.”"

Colbert then shows another clip of Trump awkwardly stroking Drumstick, saying it makes him feel good about himself. To that, Colbert pleads, “Get out of there, Drumstick!”

You can watch the segment in the YouTube video below.

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