Stephen Colbert takes on Charlie Rose sexual harassment

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The sexual harassment allegations with celebrities continues as Charlie Rose has been fired because of them, and Stephen Colbert has responded.

Now Charlie Rose is not only losing his job… he’s the butt of the joke on late night TV!

Recently, Rose found his name in the headlines in the wake of many sexual harassment allegations being directed towards him. Eight women have now accused Rose of sexual misconduct revolving around his PBS talk show. Rose has since accepted responsibility and apologized, though he was still given the boot by the network.

Last night, Stephen Colbert brought up the situation, talking about how the harassing allegations with entertainers continues. He brings up Moore and the allegations against him, which includes exposing himself by wearing only an open robe and nothing underneath. “What is it with the robes?” Colbert laments. “First Cosby, then Weinstein, now Charlie Rose, who’s next? Yoda?!”

Then Colbert has some fun with the accusations, saying this really shouldn’t have been a surprise. He asks his audience if they’ve never really paid attention to the lyrics of the theme song of Charlie’s show. Of course, it’s a parody song, with lyrics including, “Here comes Charlie, oh no! He’s getting naked! Open robe!”

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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