Seth Meyers highlights sexual harassment in congress

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Seth Meyers took to Late Night last Thursday night to explore the sexual misconduct allegations now being directed at politicians in congress.

We’ve seen a huge rash of sex scandals affecting all kinds of famous people. From entertainers to politicians, it’s seeming like there are new accusations pouring out every day. And as Seth Meyers pointed out on Late Night, it’s even affecting congress as well… on both sides!

For his A Closer Look segment on Thursday night’s show, Meyers focused on allegations of misconduct involving congressmen. He stresses that this is not a partisan issue, as recently Democratic senator Al Franken was the newest to join the list. Franken had allegedly groped and kissed a woman without her consent. Meyers comments on how horrible it is and calls for everyone being called out to be held accountable; from Al Franken to Roy Moore to Bill Clinton to Donald Trump.

So Meyers still can’t help but question why many of Roy Moore’s Republican colleagues are still supporting him. Yet though they claim to still support him, none of them are willing to actually say so on camera. Meyers shows examples of Moore supporters dodging the topic when asked about Moore’s past transgressions, and it fuels Seth’s point that people are choosing their party over what’s right.

You can watch the entire Closer Look segment in the YouTube video below.

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