Stranger Things: Charlie Heaton’s family says actor has never done drugs

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Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton was recently banned from US when traces of cocaine where found in his luggage, and his family is now speaking out.

How did trace amounts of cocaine wind up in actor Charlie Heaton’s belongings? Well, according to his own family, it’s just as much of a mystery to Heaton himself.

Via Deadline, we have learned that Heaton’s mother, Michelle Lowe, and sister, Kaayleigh Heaton, are coming to the actor’s defense. Lowe swears that her son has “never done drugs in the past,” and Kaayleigh believes Charlie may have inadvertently got cocaine on his property while at a party.

The story is certainly questionable, but supposedly, Charlie has taken drug tests to prove himself to be drug free — and passed. So, who knows, there’s a chance Charlie picked up traces amounts from being around users, only to be caught with it in his luggage.

From Deadline:

"“He’s been unfortunate where he’s been to a party, somehow cocaine has got either on his wallet or on his cards, we’re not sure. He didn’t know anything about it, he went to the airport to fly, they checked and he is racking his brain about how this could happen. He hasn’t done anything, he wasn’t carrying anything. He’s had tests that have come back clean.”"

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It’s unlikely this will do anything to harm Heaton’s career. He was not arrested, and the story will be forgotten soon enough. Still, it’s a little embarrassing for Heaton, so in the event he is clean, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.