WWE: Darren Young, Summer Rae, and Emma have all been released

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WWE has begun making some cuts to their talent roster, with three names (Darren Young, Summer Rae, and Emma) all being given their walking papers.

It’s looking like Global Force Wrestling just may be getting a few new applicants soon!

Courtesy of ScreenRant, it is being reported that WWE has given releases to three members of their talent roster. The company making multiple cuts at once isn’t highly unusual, though it’s been a little while since they’ve had a mass exodus. Perhaps they were due.

One of the three names gone is Darren Young. Initially, Young had entered the company as a part of the heel faction The Nexus. Later, he teamed up with Titus O’Neill to form a tag team where he arguably had a little bit more success. But the fans never really took to Young when the company tried pushing him as a singles star, and involving legend Bob Backlund somehow didn’t help. Young had also been sitting on the bench lately due to injuries.

Summer Rae is the next to be let go. Decent enough as a performer, this release may be more due to Rae’s injury-prone status. She has apparently not wrestled in more than a year, and has done nothing of note since then (other than switching brands with no real consequence). As with Young, this one isn’t a huge shocker.

That leaves Emma, the third name cut with the batch. As the ScreenRant article points out, Emma had been enjoying a push on TV in recent weeks. Fans seemed to be responding to her heel character, but for whatever reason, the decision was made to send her packing.

Presumably, WWE wishes these talents the best in all their future endeavors.