Denis Leary wants Sandra Bullock to run for president in 2020

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Not too happy with the man currently in office, Denis Leary told Jimmy Fallon that he would love to see Sandra Bullock run in 2020, and has a good reason.

Sandra Bullock for president? Well, I guess after a foul-mouthed, orange-tinted reality TV star won the presidency in last year’s election, nothing seems too crazy anymore. And there’s one person who’s already willing to give her his vote… Denis Leary!

Recently on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Leary stopped by for a fun chat. The two spoke about politics and the huge divide going on between Democrats and Republicans. For his part, Leary thinks that for Democrats to reclaim the White House in 2020, they’re going to need somebody that can actually challenge Trump. And by that, he means someone famous.

In his new book, Leary has apparently taken a poll of the top 10 most trusted Americans. The first three names on the list are Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, and Denzel Washington. Though Leary doesn’t know Hanks or Washington, he does know Bullock — and he insists that she would actually make a great president.

“You can trust her,” Leary explains. “One time we were having a party, and we were running out of booze. And I said, ‘Listen, you got 20 minutes to go to the liquor store, and get two more bottles of booze, okay? Get one vodka and one whiskey. She came back in 15 minutes with change, and four bottles of each, okay! That’s a woman you can trust!”

Leary goes on to add that Questlove and Fallon should run together in 2020, though they are less than enthused about that idea. You can watch Leary explain it best in the video below.

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