Stranger Things actor caught with cocaine, banned from US

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One of the stars of Stranger Things was caught with cocaine while trying to enter the US for the Season 2 premiere, and was promptly sent back to London.

Charlie Heaton — also known as Jonathan Byers from the popular Netflix original series Stranger Things — has gotten himself into just a little bit of trouble.

According to Deadline, Heaton, who lives in the UK, was on his way to the States for  a Season 2 premiere event for the show. However, “traces of cocaine” were found in his luggage, resulting in the actor being denied entry. Drug sniffing dogs had apparently reacted to Heaton’s belongings, which led to the search and subsequent trouble.

It’s important to note that Heaton was not arrested after the discovery — apparently, only a very small amount was found, and it likely wasn’t worth the trouble. But there was still grounds for them to refuse Heaton’s entry into the States, apparently, and the actor was soon back on another plane flying to London. Obviously, Heaton missed the big premiere, and wound up having to stream the Season 2 premiere on Netflix with the rest of us.

The Deadline article notes that Netflix has not commented or released a statement on the situation, and Heaton’s future on the show has not been addressed. But considering there was no arrest, nor is this exactly unusual with young actors, I’m betting on the story being forgotten fairly quickly with no real consequence.

Season 2 of Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix, so for those of you waiting, go ahead and get your binging on.