Saturday Night Live: Who is hosting tonight’s episode?

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Tonight, Saturday Night Live will be running its first rerun of Season 43 (already), and we have the details of the rerun and when the show will return.

Season 43 of Saturday Night Live may have just gotten started, but we are already having our first reruns so far. The sketch comedy series is taking a short break, not returning for two whole weeks until Nov. 4. This is going to leave us with repeats for tonight and next week!

Tonight, the Season 43 opener will be airing again at the usual time slot of 11:30 PM EST on the NBC network. Superstar actor Ryan Gosling came on to host the show and did a fantastic job (for those who’ve already seen it). Meanwhile, hip hop mogul Jay-Z came on as the official musical guest.

This episode is hilarious and a solid season premiere. While most of us are no doubt wishing for a new episode instead, it’s not going to hurt to revisit this one. The break between Seasons 42 and 43 seemed a little painful so at least we know new episodes are on the way too. Still I get that repeat episodes can be pretty annoying, especially so early on in the season.

When the show comes back on Nov. 4, funnyman Larry David will be the host of the episode. The always controversial Miley Cyrus will be serving as the musical guest. The announcement was made official during the episode last Saturday with Kumail Nianjiani hosting.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday nights at 11:30 PM EST on NBC.