Chelsea Handler producing new series ‘I Hate the Internet’

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Chelsea on Netflix host Chelsea Handler is currently developing a scripted drama TV series for the TNT network based on the book I Hate the Internet.

It’s looking like Chelsea Handler is broadening her horizons!

A few years back, Handler tried her hand at a scripted comedy series with the short-lived show Are You There, Chelsea?  Based on her book of the same title, it was a funny show, but not enough people were watching. The series would be quietly cancelled, though Handler went on to have a lot of success with her new talk show on Netflix.

Though she’s killing it on Netflix, Handler is venturing back onto television with an all new project, and this time it will be drama. It will still be based on a book, however it won’t be one of Chelsea’s books. Inspired by “I Hate the Internet” by Jarett Kobek, the series will be a drama show set to air on the TNT network, as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

From the THR article, here is how the new series is summarized:

"“The series will examine the true cost of the information superhighway on our values, our relationships and our psyches. Set around a 40-year-old woman’s Internet shaming, this funny yet incisive story asks some of the important questions of our time — Why have humans become so eager, on sites like Twitter and Facebook, to give away their intellectual property to wealthy white men? And what has happened to true political dialogue? Is sharing 140-character morality lectures with self-curated social networks enough? And, why in today’s America is hate becoming the only thing that unites us?”"

Handler is on board as the executive producer. No word yet on when the show will be out, though it’s currently under in development. Be on the lookout for more updates.