Donald Trump throws tantrum about late night TV on Twitter

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Donald Trump took to Twitter to vent about being made fun of so much on late night TV, and he’s already being burned by some of their responses!

You’re just best off not tweeting anything at all, Donald!

If you watch late night television, I don’t need to tell you how frequently Donald Trump’s name comes up. Practically every late night comedian is never short on Trump jokes on any given episode. For those in the studio audience and the millions watching at home, it’s pretty funny stuff — but the president himself doesn’t agree!

Taking to his official Twitter account, the Trumpster unleashed these vitriolic tweets intended to take all of the late night comedians down a peg:

Directly calling his critics “unfunny”, clearly Trump has had a nerve struck by all of the late night jokes. You’d think he’d know by now that broadcasting how upset this makes him isn’t going to stop the jokes. It’s only going to keep them coming ten fold. Which, of course, is hilarious for the rest of us, but it’s got to be driving Mr. Trump furious.

Of course, some of these “unfunny” late night comics are already fighting back on Twitter. Check out some of the funniest Twitter responses to Trump’s newest Twitter tantrum below.

Trump isn’t going to stop these people from making fun of him anytime soon. But I’m betting they’re not minding so much at all the more he goes off on them online. I guess it just means they’re doing their jobs.