Game of Thrones: Jon Snow and Ygritte get engaged (in real life)

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Life is apparently imitating Game of Thrones as Jon Snow actor Kit Harington is getting hitched to his former on-screen lover Rose Leslie.

“You know nothing, Jon Snow…”

When we left off with Game of Thrones, Jon Snow seems to have found a new love in Daenerys Targaryan. For many fans, it was a ship that they had been wanting for a very long time. Others still remember Jon’s last girlfriend Ygritte, and still might prefer that relationship for Jon.’

Well, for what it’s worth, Jon Snow and Ygritte are getting back together… in real life! In fact, they’re even getting married. News outlets everywhere such as USA Today are reporting that their actors, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, are now engaged. Just don’t invite that boy that plays Olly to come to the reception.

Publicly, the two have been linked romantically since at least 2016, though the relationship is rumored to have begun years before that. It’s not uncommon for co-stars to wind up dating one another, though it becomes more unusual when the relationship actually seems to work. The pair’s chemistry on the screen was certainly undeniable and I guess the reason for that is because sparks were really flying between them.

There are only two seasons left of the show that brought Harington and Leslie together. The most recent season saw Harington’s Jon refusing to bend the knee for Khaleesi, finally doing so after she saved his life. At least Leslie didn’t have as difficult of a time getting Kit to bend the knee.