Seth Meyers slams Donald Trump over health bill and ‘Rocket Man’

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For his “A Closer Look” segment on last night’s episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers tore down Donald Trump’s newest health bill and his “Rocket Man” comment.

Like many Americans, Seth Meyers watched Donald Trump give his UN speech recently, in which he infamously referred to Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man”. Meanwhile, the GOP is trying to rush an Obamacare repeal bill through the Senate. And these are the issues Meyers put under a microscope for his newest “A Closer Look” segment.

To begin, Meyers talks about this “Rocket Man” nickname Trump is throwing around. He said it not only in a tweet but in the actual speech to the UN as well. “Why are you calling him Rocket Man?” Meyers can’t help but ask. “You’re making him sound like a character from Top Gun.” The point is, if the man is such a deadly adversary, shouldn’t we not be using cool nicknames for him?

Meyers later moves on to the new bill the GOP is pushing to repeal Obamacare, which is even more radical than before. And apparently Trump himself doesn’t even know anything about it, as evidenced by a clip where he could produce no details about it at all. Meyers is urging Democrats to be very careful making any deals about this bill with the GOP, as nobody knows what would happen to sick people who can’t afford healthcare.

You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

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