Gotham producer confirms Fish Mooney is never coming back

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Though death can be a temporary thing for many characters on Gotham, it is now official from producers that Fish Mooney is apparently gone for good.

Gotham has seemingly become a television series full of character deaths in which nobody actually dies. Particularly for the named characters, folks have came back from the dead due to some kind of magic or absolute, sheer luck. And in some cases, characters have “died” more than once, but are still going strong on the streets of Gotham City.

We just saw them up to these same old tricks on the show in the Season 3 finale. Barbara was electrocuted and Butch was shot in the head. Both died on the spot, and both have also been confirmed to be coming back in Season 4 already. Seriously… can anyone actually die on this show?

Apparently, one deceased character whom is going to apparently stay dead is Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney. An original character to the series, Fish was a force to be reckoned with in the first season. After being “killed” by Penguin, she returned to wreak some more havoc, only to die once more (and this time in Penguin’s arms, no less). With her dying breaths, Fish gave Penguin the task of taking complete control of Gotham… or destroying it.

It’s now looking like that was the official curtain call for Fish. An article from CinemaBlend quotes producer John Stephens as confirming that Ms. Mooney is gone forever from the series:

"“I’m afraid that’s it. Now, that one was it. At a certain point, you gotta say ‘Definitely.’ People die at a certain point, and that’s the second or third time they die.”"

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Gotham returns to FOX with its Season 4 premiere on Sep. 21, 2017. Just don’t expect to see our old friend Fish Mooney when it comes back.