South Park episode trolls viewers by triggering Alexa and Google Home

via Comedy Central
via Comedy Central /

South Park poked a lot of fun at Amazon Alexa and Google Home models on its new episode last night, and it wound up setting off the actual units of their viewers.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s critically acclaimed animated series South Park returned to Comedy Central last night with its season premiere. Called “White People Renovating Houses”, the new episode focused primarily on the white nationalist movement plaguing the United States. But, oddly enough, it was a subplot in the story that is getting a lot of attention today.

On the show, Amazon Alexa and Google Home units are featured. These are the devices with voice-activated functionality, in which you can basically ask them for whatever you need. But it doesn’t always work just right, as shown through the frustration of the South Park characters trying to get them to work.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the animated characters yelling at these units on the screen wound up triggering the real-life devices of those watching at home. Many users jumped to social media to complain about what was going on, though most seemed to find it amusing.

It’s not known if this was done on purpose, but as THR notes, this is South Park after all. These guys have been known to troll their audience in the past. Either way, Stone and Parker probably get a kick out of it if anything. And perhaps a lot of us with these models can actually relate.

South Park airs Wednesday nights on Comedy Central.