Chelsea Handler: Ted Cruz ‘lies more than Donald Trump’

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Chelsea Handler is clearly not buying Ted Cruz’s story he gave after his official Twitter account ‘liked’ a porn link, calling him a lying, ‘f—ing idiot’.

While Ted Cruz is fooling around on Twitter, he might want to stay away from Chelsea Handler’s account!

If you haven’t heard the story with Cruz, I’ll fill you in. His official Twitter account apparently ‘liked’ a link leading to a porn video. When the blunder was discovered, Cruz said that a staffer had unintentionally made this mistake. However, he wouldn’t reveal any information beyond that, other than to say he was handling it “internally”.

Cruz may or may not be telling the truth — who knows? But one person who’s not buying his excuse is Chelsea on Netflix‘s Chelsea Handler. Taking to her own Twitter account and tagging the Texan Senator, Handler offered this scathing response to Cruz’s reply:

Wow. From one of Donald Trump’s harshest critics, it says a lot for Handler to accuse Cruz of being an even worse liar. One can’t help but think back to Trump’s campaign in which he’d always call Cruz “lyin’ Ted.” Maybe Trump was spot on with that nickname after all.

Whether it was Cruz himself or a “staffer”, it’s hard to understand how one could accidentally like a porn video on Twitter. You know, unless you were actually looking up porn videos on Twitter. In any case, using an official Twitter account for a U.S. Senator is certainly not the best way to do that.

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