Ride with Norman Reedus already renewed ahead of Season 2

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AMC has ordered a third season of Ride with Norman Reedus, even though Season 2 of the series has not even premiered on the network yet.

If there’s somebody it’s obvious AMC loves, it’s got to be Norman Reedus!

For most of us, Reedus is best known as Daryl Dixon on AMC’s flagship TV series The Walking Dead. Originally written as a side character, Daryl eventually became a lead due to how popular he became. For years, fans of the show have threatened to “riot” should they do the unthinkable and kill Daryl off.

But The Walking Dead isn’t filming all year long, and Reedus has been working on his own AMC show in his time off from killing zombies. Ride with Norman Reedus, an unscripted show on the network, hits the road with Reedus as he explores local biker culture throughout the United States. Daryl Dixon would no doubt be pleased with the man who portrays him.

AMC thought the first season did well enough to warrant another, and Season 2 is premiering this winter. But though we haven’t even seen its first episode yet, AMC has already given the order for at least another season of the show. The Hollywood Reporter confirms the news, reporting that Season 3 is officially on the board at the network. Norman better make sure the seat on his bike is comfortable!

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Season 2 of Ride with Norman Reedus is set to cruise its way to AMC on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017.