South Park: Season 21 premiere to focus on ‘white nationalists’

via Comedy Central
via Comedy Central /

South Park is returning in just a matter of days, and the Season 21 premiere will poke fun at the “white nationalists” who’ve been dominating headlines.

After a wait that felt just painfully too long, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s amazing animated series South Park returns to Comedy Central this week! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited this makes me!

Per their usual method, Stone and Parker had no plan as to what their season premiere would be like. They prefer to work on episodes the WEEK that they air, speeding their way through the writing and animation to a finished product. It’s unlike how any other animated program works, but it works for them, and that’s just their style!

With the premiere so close, however, details have now emerged as to what the focus will be, courtesy of THR. Titled “White People Renovating Houses”, the show is taking aim at the white nationalist movement in the United States. The episode description states that white nationalist protesters storm the streets of South Park with tiki torches, making Randy question his white-ness.

It has previously been reported that the show’s Donald Trump parody won’t be featured as much moving ahead. Last season, it was the focal point of the show in every episode. Now, Stone and Parker are moving back to taking on different stories from show to show. The THR article notes that Parker hints the storyline with Cartman’s new girlfriend will be explored.

South Park Season 21 premiere on Wednesday, Sep. 13 on Comedy Central.