Seth Meyers: Donald Trump is NOT an independent!

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A Closer Look: Seth Meyers took to Late Night to address the claims people are making that President Donald Trump is suddenly an independent.

Is Donald Trump now an “independent”? Seth Meyers is saying HELL NO!

For the newest “A Closer Look” segment on Meyers’ Late Night, the late night funnyman first gets into the hurricanes, notably Irma and what’s going on in Florida. It leads into the topic of climate change, and the way Trump steadfastly denies it.

Meyers talks about the recent move Trump made which shocked his fellow Republicans. Apparently he reached a deal with Democratic leaders to raise the debt limit, keeping the government funded for an extra few months. To show how much the decision has upset his colleagues, Meyers shows a video of Mitch McConnell looking like “he just saw a fellow ghost.”

After this one deal (which Trump basically had to make, argues Meyers), the POTUS is suddenly being heralded by many news outlets. He’s being referred to as America’s first independent president. To that, Meyers wants to knock that talk off right now, by offering this rebuttal:

“Can we just STOP with this absurd talking point? Donald Trump is not an independent. The only thing he’s independent of is reality. Whether it’s his views on climate change, immigration, race, taxes, education, or national security, he has proven time and again, that he is a Republican. The GOP is now totally and completely the party of Donald Trump.”

We’re thinking Trump isn’t going to like hearing about these comments. You can watch the full A Closer Look segment in the video below.

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