Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Live streaming links for September 10th

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Where can you stream tonight’s episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? We have all of the information for you right here.

It’s Sunday, and John Oliver will definitely be returning to HBO tonight with an all new episode of Last Week Tonight. Having been off the air since Aug. 20, we can expect Oliver to have a lot to say when he comes back tonight. Simply put, you aren’t going to want to miss it if you’re a fan.

A lot has happened since Oliver went on his little hiatus. But the news of the hour is all about Hurricane Irma hitting Florida and the expected damages it will bring. And this is coming off the heels of Hurricane Harvey which had caused floods and damages in Texas. I’m not sure what all else Oliver is planning to discuss, but I would expect him get serious for a moment to address the hurricanes.

But we all know Oliver likes to dive into other issues that need to be highlighted on a bigger platform. Previously, he spent nearly his entire show talking about nuclear waste and what we should do with it. It’s a problem that the government has been pushing back for decades upon decades, and frankly that’s starting to worry Oliver a little bit. We’ll see what he ultimately ends up discussing tonight.

Below you’ll find the live streaming links to the show. You can watch the show live through these available options:



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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs Sunday nights at 10 PM EST on HBO.