Amazon ends The Last Tycoon just as soon as it began

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Amazon is ending its new exclusive series The Last Tycoon on its video streaming service, just weeks after the show first started.

If you were one of the ones watching Amazon’s new series The Last Tycoon, I have bad news for you. Apparently, there aren’t enough other fans of the show out there to keep it continuing. With that said, Amazon has officially announced the end of the series, courtesy of Variety.

While higher viewership may have saved The Last Tycoon, it wasn’t singularly the ratings that killed it. Amazon Studios not only tossed out plans for a second season of this show, but put an end to Christina Ricci’s Z: The Beginning of Everything as well. As the Variety article suggests, these cancellations seem to be part of a new vision for the service from CEO Jeff Bezos.

Supposedly, Bezos is searching for the network’s own version of Game of Thrones. That is, a show that is massively popular and can “make the biggest difference around the world.” Here’s the thing, Jeff — every network CEO wants that. If only it wasn’t easier said than done, right? But I don’t think axing your new shows that don’t produce instant results will get you there that much faster.

The cast for The Last Tycoon was solid, with Matt Bomer, Jennifer Beals, and Kelsey Grammar. Set in 1930s Hollywood, the period piece did show a lot of potential. But ending its run so soon after it began means that we will never know for sure where exactly this one could have gone.

In any case, good luck finding that Game of Thrones, Jeff.