Bernie Sanders responds to Hillary Clinton bashing him in book

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While on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, Bernie Sanders was asked about Hillary Clinton saying bad things about him in her new book.

Senator Bernie Sanders is officially responding to statements about him made in Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened”!

Last night on The Late Show, Sanders appeared as a guest in part to promote his own book, the “Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution”. Of course, Stephen Colbert had to ask him about the comments Clinton made about him in her upcoming book. These remarks had been dominating the headlines for the past couple days, so Colbert wasted no time in asking Bernie about them.

In the book, Hillary says that Bernie’s campaign “attacks” created permanent damage to her own, making it more difficult to unify progressives. From the interview:

"“Actually, the case is the progressive movement today, the grassroots movement, is stronger than it has been in many, many years. As a result of our campaign, millions of young people began to vote for the first time, and became engaged to the political response.”“Secretary Clinton ran against the most unpopular candidate in the history of this country, and she lost. And she was upset about that, and I understand that. But our job now is not to go backwards, it is to go forwards.”"

Colbert also asks Sanders about the other claim Clinton made in her book about “pony promises”. The book says that the things Sanders were fighting for were basically just a pipe dream. To argue that, Sanders goes into all of the promises he made during his campaign, and says how they aren’t pipe dreams at all.

For example, Sanders wants healthcare for all citizens guaranteed as a right and not a privilege. With every other industrialized nation on the planet offering this, says Sanders, it’s not a pipe dream. He goes on to describe how far along the causes he’s fought for have progressed since just last year, showing they might not be so insane after all.

You can watch the entire response in the video below.

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