Stephen Colbert books Late Show interview with Hillary Clinton

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With her new book already making waves in the headlines, Hillary Clinton will be returning to late night TV to appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Ever since missing out on becoming the President of the United States, Hillary Clinton as basically been in hiding. She has only made sporadic public appearances in the wake of Trump’s America, and people didn’t really know what she was up to.

Well, apparently, she was working on her new book “What Happened” — and is soon going on a media tour to help promote it.

For now, Clinton has booked one late night TV interview for this book. Wisely, she chose Stephen Colbert, who currently has the highest ratings of all the late night comedians. Per THR, we can confirm that Clinton will be appearing on the Sept. 19 episode of the program. As of now it’s her only late night interview scheduled; she’ll also be on The View on Sept. 13.

It’s worth noting that Clinton has not done any late night guest spots since losing the election in 2016. She has previously appeared on Colbert’s show (all the way back in 2015), as well as various other spots on shows during her presidential campaign.

Just last night, however, many of Colbert’s colleagues took turns roasting Clinton because of a released excerpt from her book. She shifts the blame of her election loss to the “pipe dreams” of Bernie Sanders, which brought about plenty of jokes at her expense yesterday evening. With Seth Meyers slamming her the hardest, we can probably scratch his name off as a possibility for a Hillary interview.

But, in any case, Clinton will be appearing on The Late Show on Sept. 19 (along with Emma Stone). She will be presumably addressing the book, Trump’s presidency, and her Sanders comments… so be sure to consider watching!