Real Time with Bill Maher gets renewed by HBO into 2020

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Bill Maher isn’t going anywhere on Friday nights, as HBO has officially renewed the program taking it at the very least until 2020.

Are you ready for more Maher?

Despite the controversy that he sometimes brings to HBO, the network has officially announced they are renewing Bill Maher’s show for two more seasons. The news comes courtesy of the AV Club. This will bring the total number of seasons (thus far) up to 17, and will keep Maher on the air until at least 2020. I hope he’s comfortable!

This news isn’t exactly too surprising, given Maher’s popularity. He speaks his mind and often irritates a lot of people. But one cannot argue with results, and he’s bringing in good ratings for the network. His biting commentary is just something that we expect from him, and truth be told, he’s one of the funniest talk show comedians we have.

HBO programming president Casey Bloys released a statement on the renewal, noting that HBO is happy with “Bill’s distinctive point of view, coupled with his passion and commitment to insightful and informative entertainment, has remained unparalleled.” However they want to phrase it, I totally agree, and as a fan, this was fantastic news for me to see today.

Also included in Maher’s new deal with HBO is a guaranteed stand-up comedy special. Be sure to look out for news on that in the coming months.

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You can catch new episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher as Season 15 continues. The show airs Friday nights at 10 PM EST on HBO.