Hillary Clinton bashes Bernie Sanders, gets roasted on late night TV

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With Hillary Clinton shifting the blame of her 2016 election loss to Bernie Sanders in her new book, the presidential hopeful was roasted on late night TV.

Who’s at fault for Hillary Clinton losing in her efforts to beat Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election? Well, if you read Hillary’s new book “What Happened”, she’s pointing the finger — at least in part — to her rival in the primaries, Bernie Sanders.

Infamously, Bernie gave Hillary a run for her money during the Democratic primaries. If not for the superdelegate system we have in place, chances are Hillary wouldn’t have even made it to the General Election. But it seems Hillary is writing Bernie’s popularity off as the result of “pipe dream” promises. Insultingly, she printed a Facebook user’s comment in the book which compared Bernie’s campaign promises to asking the Government for a pony.

While most of the late night TV comedians were backing Hillary over Donald Trump in the general election, it seems Hillary’s new comments about Bernie aren’t sitting well with them. After the Bernie bashing was released in excerpt pages from the book, Mrs. Clinton wound up being shredded all over television last night.

On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Clinton by creating a parody trailer for her new book. At first it seems pretty legitimate, but when it shows the book’s cover, it has a new title: “It’s That F***er Bernie’s Fault”.

Over on CBS, the king of late night Stephen Colbert spoke about Clinton’s book as well. When he gets to the Bernie comments, Colbert gets a kick out of Hillary comparing Bernie’s promises to “magic abs”. And between Hillary’s daily workout plan, and Bernie’s “no minute abs” plan, Colbert says, America “went with potato-ass”.

But nobody hammered Hillary as hard as Seth Meyers. For a Late Night segment he’s calling “Hey!”, Meyers spends several minutes explaining how misguided Hillary’s comments about Bernie are. “Bernie is not the reason you lost. You know how I know that?” Meyers declares. “You beat Trump by 3 million votes. If you want to blame something ancient, blame the electoral college!”

Apparently, shifting the blame to Bernie may not have been the best course of action for Clinton to take!