Is Game of Thrones on tonight, September 3rd, 2017?

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After an insane episode last week which saw the setting up of what will be the biggest moment in the series, will there be a new episode of Game of Thrones?

Winter is officially here!

Last week on HBO’s flagship series Game of Thrones[SPOILER ALERT] the Wall was finally destroyed by the White Walkers’ new dragon. There’s no greater sign that winter has arrived than that, as the Army of the Dead is now free to pour right through. It’s only a matter of time before every army on the other side is doing battle with the dead.

With that being said, will there be a new episode on HBO tonight? Well, unfortunately the answer to that question is no. Last week was the Season 7 finale of the series, and it’s now going to be on hiatus for a painfully long time. In fact, we may not even see a new episode until 2019. Talk about a bummer.

If this season seemed painfully short to you, that’s because there wasn’t as many episodes as previous seasons may have had. At only seven episodes long, season 7 was over in a pinch, and now the wait for more is going to be even longer. HBO sure knows how to torture us.

Only two more seasons of the show remain, and those seasons will be even shorter, clocking in at six eps each. It’s been a wonderful run but it looks like we’re at the beginning of the end. We just have to wait a while for it to get here.