Former Fringe star will squeal as Professor Pyg on Gotham

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Michael Cerveris was rather creepy on the horror/sci-fi series Fringe, and now he’ll be haunting us again as Professor Pyg on Fox’s Batman series, Gotham.

How do you expertly cast a total creep? Hire someone with experience in that department!

Back when Fringe was around (how how I still miss thee), it had an assortment of interesting characters. The Observer, also known as “September”, was one such character, played by Michael Cerveris. The Tony-winning actor nailed that role and now he’s getting the chance to play someone even more out there.

According to CinemaBlend, Cerveris has been hired to play Professor Pyg during Season 4 of Fox’s Gotham. Though not very well known, Professor Pyg is one of the more sadistic villains from the Batman comic books. Though he’s been seen in animated programs and video games, this will mark the character’s live action debut.

Here’s the cliff notes version on who Professor Pyg is. Basically, he’s a highly-skilled surgeon gone completely mad, having developed an alternate personality called “Professor Pyg”. As the “Professor”, he turns unfortunate victims into “Dollotrons” — lobotomized and mind-controlled with doll faces stitched over their own. It’s pretty gruesome stuff.

We have seen a lot of total nutjobs on this show already, but Professor Pyg brings with him an entirely new level of crazy. Something tells me Jim and Harvey are going to have their hands pretty full with him. But with Bruce Wayne now taking to the streets to clean them up himself, maybe he’ll wind up being the one to stop this psychopath.

Season 4 of Gotham will premiere on Thursday, September 21, at 8:00 PM EST.