Bill Maher takes down Teleprompter Trump in Real Time monologue

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Bill Maher wasted no time tearing down Donald Trump in his newest Real Time monologue, laughing about the president’s alter-ego Teleprompter Trump.

Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher didn’t waste much time getting to taking down Donald Trump. Well, first he began his monologue with a somewhat somber note, addressing Hurricane Harvey and the damage it has done in Texas so far. “Trump came out with a very strong statement condemning the violence on both sides,” Maher jokes. Maher then notes that as president, this is Trump’s first natural disaster, as “the others he all caused himself.”

The Real Time host moves on to the “two Trumps” which have been seen in the press. Namely, on certain days of the week, we have “Teleprompter Trump” — and the rest of the time, Trump is still free to “tweet crazy batsh-t and shout bullsh-t at rednecks and airplane hangars.” In the monologue, Maher gets a kick at how the two Trumps go back and forth with each other.

For example, on Monday, Teleprompter Trump made a very nice, reassuring speech on foreign policy, proving sticking to the teleprompter might not be such a bad idea for the president. But then the very next day, Trump went to Arizona for a rebuttal. Yes, as Maher puts it, “a rebuttal to himself.”

What’s worse is that Trump is actually taking to Twitter to brag about his flip-flopping, as if it’s a good thing. Maher brings up a Trump tweet mocking the “Dems” because they don’t have anyone who can “change tones”.

“Yeah, it’s called schizophrenia, dipsh-t!” Maher says directly to the president.

You can watch the monologue in the video below.

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