Chelsea Handler uses the eclipsed sun to roast Donald Trump

Photo via Netflix (Chelsea Handler)
Photo via Netflix (Chelsea Handler) /

Chelsea Handler wasn’t letting yesterday’s rare solar eclipse distract her from keeping the heat on Donald Trump. It only gave her more ammunition.

It wasn’t just Donald Trump’s eyeballs which were burning yesterday!

via Mark Wilson/Getty Images
via Mark Wilson/Getty Images /

People said “Don’t look!” but nobody tells Trump what to do!

Yesterday was the extremely rare solar eclipse, which is pretty much all people were talking about. For many, it was so exciting that it even let them forget about politics and recent controversies for just a moment. But for Chelsea Handler, it was just another opportunity to produce new Donald Trump jokes.

Over on her Twitter feed, Handler had some golden comments about the orange president. She kicked things off with this gem of a tweet below:

A lady can dream, can’t she? It is pretty funny to envision police officers leading a nearly-naked Trump to the back of a cruiser. Especially during a solar eclipse. A resignation would be nice too, but that’s probably even more of a fantasy. That would mean Trump having to admit he was wrong about something.

The Netflix funnywoman wasn’t done yet. Later in the day, she took another shot at the Trumpster by comparing him to the sun. Of course, the similarities are obvious: each is a “giant, orange ball of gas”, so you might as well wear your eclipse shades when watching Trump address the nation.

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Before Donald Trump was president, he sure loved to spend a lot of time on his Twitter feed bashing the then-president. Now it’s his turn to see how it feels. Well done, Chelsea!